News: Eli Manning, His place in Football History

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on January 07,2017

The Great Eli Manning

It's been talked about over and over again. How do you measure greatness in the NFL. Statistics play a large role in measuring a player, a coach and a team. When Eli Manning's name is mentioned, conversation turns to statistics. It is true that the everyday numbers alone do not separate him from the leaders in the game. However, when looking at his two Super Bowl championships another conversation turns to leadership, tangibles, and clutch performance. Eli Manning, in a big game is very dangerous. He has proved this already. Any performance of one player must be accompanied by success in other facets of the game such as defense and special teams. Take any team or fan who has not had a Super Bowl win or even an appearance and ask them If they would have Eli Manning as their Quarterback. We all know the answer. These accomplishments are not easy and should be evaluated when his career comes to an end. For now, the durable Eli Manning keeps on going like the energizer bunny and maintains a clear head for the game. So lets give credit where credit is due.

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